5 Places for Your Autumn Trips

Autumn is a great season offering you wonderful weather conditions, colors and views. Instead of a summer trip, take one in the fall.
1. Belgium
‘In Bruges’ is a famous movie that tells something about the city and shows its life. Do not believe the main character of the flick who says that the place is too dull. The beauty of its architecture is undeniable. Its gothic spirit and style turn the whole area into something enigmatic. You’ll get mesmerized – have a look at the attractive buildings all embraced with vines. In the fall the colors are bright and warm, the weather is chilly yet not too cold. Tourists enjoy boat rides through the numerous canals. There is so much to see and experience! Remember to drop by one of the city’s open air markets. They are open till late autumn. Since you are in Belgium, you cannot leave the country without tasting their famous Belgian chocolate.